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Our platform

Better investment choices, powered by AI.

Make better investment decisions by using real-time, relevant, and perfectly aggregated ESG information.

Research on another level.

Our cutting-edge technology brings order to the chaos, saving time and bringing peace of mind as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for ESG risks (and opportunities).

More data than ever before.

Our platform allows an analyst to absorb a wealth of information from thousands of sources in minutes, with our unique information distillation.

40,000+companies covered in our platform.
5minutes for emerging issue alerts.
<5minutes to monitor risks in real-time.
<10minutes to understand a company’s full ESG footprint.
600+reliable sources.

A tool that only gets better.

Not only is our tech more powerful than anything out there, but our algorithms learn how to help you better, improving research based precisely on your needs.

Better investing for a brighter future.

We enable you to meaningfully integrate ESG principles into your investment strategy, meaning better investment decisions where both people and planet profit.

Let us show you the future of investing.

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