Desjardins Placement

By Responsibli
June 22, 2021

We have done our very first pitch competition, and it has gone quite well! Thank you to Desjardins and Fintech cadence for organizing the wonderful Fintech and Climate competition. The competition called for startups who can help Desjardins meet their ambitious Net 0 goals for 2040. Unlike most banks, Desjardins Net 0 goals go beyond just operations and will extend to their entire portfolio; as such, solutions that can help them manage the impact of their own financial investments is instrumental to them.

Over the last two weeks, the field got narrowed down to 5 companies, and further today with remaining in the top 3! We are very proud of this result, as it’s a testament to our early progress, and to the importance of the problem we have picked.

You can find our full pitch and Q&A for the finals here, between 10:45 and 22:15. Stay tuned for more news about our progress, and hopefully more successes to come!